Quick short introduction to myself, my name is Alexander Trost. I’m a sysadmin who loves automation, containerization, coding in Go, playing games but also with new technologies. I’m currently working at Cloudibility as a DevOps Engineer, helping companies move to the cloud and / or to container technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes, etc).

Goal of the Training

The training is going to show how simple it is to get started with containers. In this case Docker is used, as it is the most popular container toolchain and runtime right now. After getting to know containers and Docker, we will hopefully realize that there is a need for some kind of magical orchestration layer to run applications and more in containers (in an orchestrated way). The important if you haven’t noticed here is the orchestration of containers in an automated and orchestrated manner.

Material for the training

The material for the training has been taken “offline” to revise it but also due to the amount of time that is put into the whole of the material. I hope you understand!

Should you have attended the training and have not received the material in form of PDFs yet, please contact me by email, thanks!

(You can get my email address by using the email icon in the sidebar or the About page)

The repository with some example files remains public, see GitHub galexrt/workshop-container-docker-kubernetes repository.