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In this post I’m going over my new game and home office setup.

New table

First part of the new home setup, was a new table. The previous was a cheap table from IKEA. The new table is 2.60m long instead of previously only 2.00m. The 0.60m more space is awesome. The desk feels emptier but in a good way, and I have more space for equipment.

If you have the space, go for a big table and keep it clean!

Tech stuff

Power Distribution

The following power strips are used for power distribution:

The 16-port power strips are pretyy neat and I can recommend them. (I’ll soon “mount” them to the table so that the cables are off the ground)

End goal here would be to finally buy myself a fancy Uninterruptible power supply, just in case the apocalypse is happening :-D


I’m driving a dual WAN setup using a FritzBoxes and a OpenSense firewall router.

OpenSense firewall router box hardware specifications:

For network switches, I’m using two cheap 8-port Netgear Managed Switches which get the job done (they can VLAN so perfect with my OpenSense firewall router).


I have a few Raspberry Pis which power the video surveillance and security system, and take care of home automations, like turning on the lights in the morning and so on.

I can probably extend this, but I’m fine with what it does right now.


The most important part of the calculation are the computers calculators.

- Alexander Trost

I have two machines, one for gaming and one for working:

Obviously the gaming computer can always need an upgrade but I am happy with it and the workstation. You really notice the 8 cores and 16 threads of the AMD Ryzen when compiling code.


I’m currently using 4x LG 29UM68-P 29" 21:9 UltraWide LED monitors, see LG 29UM68-P 29" product page.

A big shoutout to Ricoo Medientechnik for their awesome and not too expensive* monitor stands!

(*In comparsion with around 4 other companies that sell and / or buy monitor stands)

I’m using the following monitor stands from Ricoo:


Moving on to the audio equipment, I use the following pieces for audio input and output control:

To “blast” music at the neighbors I have a very old 5.1 sound system, which sadly has a high level of noise by default. I’ll probably replace it soon with a better sound system.


A noblechairs EPIC Gaming Stuhl - schwarz/gold because your arse and back will thank you for it.

Pretty good chair, though if you want to spend more go for a more expensive one with, e.g., “limitless” backrest and more features.

Finishing touches

To give the whole setup a nice touch, I have added Philipps Hue LED Lightstrips to the back of the monitors. Though I still have to finally use the “in-built” glue of the light strips to put them on the back of the monitors.


The result is pretty rad!

My New Home Setup - Rad Results!

My New Home Setup - With colored background lighting even better!

(The LightStrip is hanging down as this was a picture during me gluing it to the monitors with the integrated glue strips)


That is my home office setup. It gets the job done and is a dream come true for me. I have more ideas to exapnd this setup, e.g., making cut outs for the mixer, but I have to see if I’m going that far.

Have Fun!