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OpenVSwitch: Multi-Host Overlay Network

OpenVSwitch: Multi-Host Overlay Network

Creating a mutli-host overlay network between two and more servers.

Ceph: Build your own cluster on CentOS

Ceph: Build your own cluster on CentOS

Ceph is an object, a block and filesystem storage system.

SteamCMD: Not working on CephFS

A small and uncomplete analysis of why the SteamCMD is not working on CephFS.

Nuclear Fusion Presentation

PSA: Keep your computer clean!

Keep your computer(s) clean for them to work even now when a hot summer is around the corner.

Ansible User Management Role

A simple to use Ansible user management role made by me.

In search of a Webhosting

Some points to look out for when looking for a cheap and good shared webhosting.

SRCDS Server Restarter Script

SRCDS Server Restarter Script - Automatically restarts freezed/crashed SRCDS servers. Using only a Perl script and a Cronjob.