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Kubernetes - WYNTK - GitLab CI + Kubernetes Presentation

A presentation about "What You Need To Know" about using GitLab CI with Kubernetes for Continous Delivery as a quick overview.

GitLab + Kubernetes: Perfect Match for Continuous Delivery with Container

This post shows possibilites on how to use GitLab in combination with Kubernetes to contionously deliver your applications with Container.

Container Linux Specification YAML

The Container Linux config specification as a YAML template.

Google Cloud: Enterprise Grade Hybrid Cloud with Kubernetes Cluster Federation

These are my thoughts and notes about the presentation and overall the Google Cloud Kubernetes Federation event itself.

Container Days 2017 Hamburg

Some thoughts, notes, comments and pictures from the Container Days 2017 in Hamburg.

Golang: go get from Gitlab

I just now came across the problem that I created a repository on a private Gitlab instance for a Golang project and could not just use go g