Sysadmin Garden of Eden

Ceph Day Germany 2018

Talks, thoughts and pictures from the Ceph Day Germany (Darmstadt) 2018.

GitLab: Use Keycloak as SAML 2.0 OmniAuth Provider

How to use Keycloak SAML 2.0 for GitLab as an OmniAuth provider.

KubeCon 2017 Austin

Talks, keynotes, thoughts and pictures from the KubeCon Texas, Austin 2017. Be aware that this post contains many photos! Check you wifi before opening.

Writing your first Golang Microthingy Presentation

A presentation about writing a Microservice in Golang. Talks about the basics, why Microservices? Why Golang?

GitLab + Kubernetes: GitLab on top of Kubernetes

How to run GitLab on top of a Kubernetes cluster with persitent storage.

Container Linux: Deploy on Bare-Metal without DHCP server

This is more of a quick writeup in form of a note on how to deploy Container Linux on bare-metal without DHCP server.